The Fire Fighters Charity Raffle

– Re-engaging supporters through an integrated campaign.

A bold approach to a raffle campaign for The Fire Fighters Charity, making strong use of the Woods online raffle platform, has delivered excellent results, re-engaging lapsed supporters, and recruiting a new younger audience to become part of the raffle campaign.

With this campaign, The Fire Fighters Charity won the Lotteries Council Campaign of the Year 2016.

Services: Raffle campaign

The brief

The Fire Fighters Charity approached Woods with a brief for a campaign to demonstrate what buying lottery tickets can achieve in providing services for beneficiaries in need. The charity wanted to re-engage with lapsed supporters through a targeted letter. 

Our approach

The campaign pushed supporters to the FFC’s website and online raffle platform – provided by Woods – enabling younger players, families and event attendees to take part. Key benefits were:

  • Powerful, cause-lead creative across direct mail, posters and email
  • Strong use of online promotion right up to last minute response
  • A new source of data was developed through a data collection campaign with the fire service community

The outcome

  • Lapsed supporters responded strongly to the creative approach. 
  • More female supporters (those recruited through Face to Face) were engaged with their raffle.
  • More supporters than ever were mailed and received this useful update on the services and activities of The Fire Fighters Charity. 
  • Online income grew by two thirds over previous campaigns, to deliver 30% of the total campaign income.

“We have enjoyed working with Woods and have appreciated their valuable advice.”

Corinne Guehenneux Income Generation & Engagement Officer – The Fire Fighters Charity


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