Making your charity lottery a certainty

Our market-leading weekly charity lottery product delivers outstanding return on investment.

Weekly lottery is a fast-growing area of charity fundraising and Woods is already leading the market. We act as an external Lottery manager, providing clients with a comprehensive charity lottery service that includes multi-channel recruitment, digital and mobile integration, player management and compliance.

As experienced charity lottery providers, we bring together our charity gaming experience with our status as a BACS-approved direct debit bureau to deliver an industry-leading offering. Our ability to undertake direct mail and specialist telephone recruitment on your behalf lends us a unique breadth of service.

Players numbers increased by 55%

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We’ll manage the complete programme for you, including;

  • creative work
  • program set up
  • recruitment mailings
  • player management
  • mobile integration
  • direct debit set up
  • lottery processing
  • weekly draw
  • on-line integration
  • maintenance calling

Our weekly lottery service is available in two flavours:



Program management

shouldering the administrative burden of running a highly efficient and scalable lottery program.


Full service

As above but with full strategic direction, recruitment and developmental advice.

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Why choose Woods as your charity lottery providers?
Key features
Typical launch process

Why choose Woods as your charity lottery providers?

We’ll help you plan effective recruitment drives which make sure you’re targeting the right people.

By looking thoroughly at all aspects of recruitment with you, we’ll establish who to approach and how best to do it.

We’ll prepare forecast models and marketing plans, and work with you throughout the process to ensure your business plans come to fruition.

When your supporters feel they get something in return for a monthly commitment, they’re far more likely to stick with you.

Our weekly lottery is a great way to get supporters onto a Direct Debit while giving them the chance to win prizes.

It encourages regular giving, as supporters understand the need for Direct Debit to be able to play, and offers great upgrade possibilities.

Because our weekly lottery product is fully-managed by us, we take all the operational hassle away from you.

We’ll handle all the creative work, production, response handling and Direct Debits on your behalf, right down to paying the winners. Which leaves you free to focus on your supporters and raising more funds.

Key features

We offer a fully managed charity lottery product, which is unique in the sector. We offer complete flexibility on payment, taking payment by cheque, credit card, and direct debit at launch (encouraging conversion to DD later).

We can incorporate recruitment mailing and tele-fundraising via Woods supporter management centre, which includes all “maintenance” calls and a full player management program. Our contact model ensures attrition is minimised and upgrade opportunities are maximised.

The program is driven by an agreed strategic development plan. Flexible prize options ensure the right balance of player incentive and profitability.

Typical launch process

There is a two-stage process:

Stage 1 – The Launch:

Recruitment by a range of means based on your circumstances and budget and agreed with you

Targeting the most responsive elements of your database initially

Administration phase – setting up bank account/SUN/merchant ID etc. before artwork starts

16 -20 week sell in period before 1st draw

Stage 2 – Development: Build & Convert/Build & Upgrade

Development of the lottery product is vital.  It minimises attrition, develops loyalty to the product, increase income per player and ensures maximum lifetime ROI for each player.

We have developed a range of key activities to aid the growth of your weekly lottery:

Recruitment calling and mailing – targeted additional campaigns generating new names for the weekly lottery

DD cancellation calling

Conversion to DD calling

Upgrade calling

Lapsed mailing and calling

Winner upgrade calling

“We have twice won the Barnardo’s Gold Star Supplier award. This was mainly due to the effectiveness of our account teams.”

Account Team

Our approach to handling your account is unique within our sector. All of our teams are experienced charity sector specialists, working solely in the charity gaming arena and hence bringing an unsurpassed level of knowledge to your program

You will work with a specialist team of three:

Account Director – your account director is a charity lottery strategist. Charged with driving the data and creative strategy of your program our AD’s are experienced, analytical, results driven and systematic. And they are on-hand as your own lottery guru.

Account Manager – your account manager works on the same accounts as your AD. She is the daily point of contact for you. Office based, charity lottery focussed, experienced and organised your AM is responsible to facilitating all your queries and systematically working through the briefing process with you.

Account Executive – your account executive assists your AM to provide an award winning* level of management to your program. Never out together your AM & AE team ensure there is always someone on hand that understands your account.

Your team has daily access to a hugely experienced group of departmental managers looking after our delivery functions – data, design, production and response management

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